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There are Lots of Reasons Homeowners Call on Us!

Mortgage Financing

The most common reason to get an appraisal is when obtaining a mortgage.  Typically, the lender has a list of "Approved Appraisers" from which the appraiser is chosen.  The borrower can not request a specific appraiser complete his or her appraisal.  However, many borrowers do not know that they can request that the lender use an appraiser who holds a Professional Designation from a Professional Organization.  Doesn't it make sense to have the most experienced appraiser possible to complete an appraisal of your most valuable asset?  Requesting an appraiser who holds a Professional Designation is highly recommended.  A list of appraisers holding the CDA Designation can be found at .

Are there other instances when the services of a certified, independent real estate professional might be beneficial? You bet there are.

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Tax Assessment Appeals in New Hanover, Pender, Or Brunswick Counties

If you reside in an area where the value of property has declined since the last revaluation, it's possible you're paying too much in property taxes. When building your case, an appraisal from Wilmington Appraisal Group is your best evidence. At Wilmington Appraisal Group, we're qualified to assist you in disputing your tax assessment. All four Partners hold Professional Designations from The North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition. Two Partners have experience testifying before Tax Appeal Boards and in Bankruptcy Court.  One Partner has been an Alternate Member of the New Hanover County Board of Equalization and Review (Tax Appeal Board).

Divorce Settlement

A divorce is an especially traumatic ordeal for the parties involved.  Regardless of the situation, it is wise to get an appraisal so both parties are entirely aware of the true market value of their property.  We have experience appraising residential properties for divorce proceedings.  We are used to communicating with divorce attorneys and fulfilling confidentiality requirements.  We can even testify in Court if the need arises. Two of Wilmington Appraisal Group's partners have experience testifying in Court.

Settling An Estate

Losing a loved one is a painful time in life, and settling an estate from a death, or probate, often requires an appraisal to establish Market Value for the residential property involved.  A home or other property often makes up an unequal share of the total estate value, so understanding the true value of the real estate at hand is of significant importance to ensuring disputing parties walk away knowing they've gotten a fair deal. The IRS requires an appraiser hold a Professional Designation from a recognized professional appraiser organization or meet minimum education and experience requirements to be determined by the IRS. All four Partners at Wilmington Appraisal Group hold Professional Designations and meet minimum experience and education requirements to perform appraisals for the IRS.

Cash Buyer Needing Peace Of Mind They are Paying

Are you a cash buyer?  We can provide you with an unbiased opinion of market value.  This can be invaluable in order to have "Peace of Mind" that you didn't pay too much for the property.

Trying to Sell A Property FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

A professional appraisal can help you make a more informed decision regarding your selling price, whether you choose to sell your home on your own or use the assistance of a real estate agent. With much different interests than a real estate agent, an appraiser has no vested interest in what amount the house sells for. An appraisal would be an unbiased opinion of value from a disinterested "third party".   

We can arrange to provide you with Consulting services if needed.  We can also provide you with a professional Floor Plan Sketch of your home.

Eliminating PMI and Lowering Their Mortgage Payment

When the amount being loaned to the home owner is more than 80% of the actual value of the property, most lenders ask home buyers to purchase an supplemental insurance policy. That policy is Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI. This additional payment is often lumped into the monthly mortgage payment and is quickly forgotten.

If you'd like to eliminate PMI, Wilmington Appraisal Group can give you a Certified Appraisal regarding the value of your real estate. The expense of the home valuation can usually be offset in little time because you'll no longer be paying the PMI.